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 lead by actors.

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Murder Mystery Nights dinners and evenings are full of strange characters, or you can come in murder mystery fancy dress. 
You never know who you will meet at our murder mystery nights.


* Murder Mystery Nights Evening Events over dinner are the most popular format, 
usually starting at 7.00 pm and lasting up to 10.30 pm.

* Most activity is between courses of your murder mystery dinner or buffet, 
when you will see and examine the 'Scene of Crime' and 'the body'.

* You view the body where it is found; how it is found; 
with nothing touched or moved.

*In our Murder mystery nights evening event, 
each person is allocated brief character details. 
You can all be suspects, 
one of you is 'the murderer' 
and one of you could be the victim!

In our Murder Mystery Nights evening dinners, you can examine the victim at the scene of crime, if you have the courage!

How good are our Murder Mystery Nights for you?

Your participation makes a much more enjoyable murder mystery evening event.

You can choose a venue that suits you.

You have a fun evening, so a murder mystery evening dinner event 
is great for any kind of birthday party, hen party or corporate entertainment.

You can choose to add in personal or company details. 



Number of people


Early payment discount

You pay

Social Event

up to 14 


discount £100


Social Event



discount £100


Corporate Event

up to 40


discount £100


Corporate Event


add  £190





per person

for 70 people

£11.14 p.p.

3 -course dinner

per person

from £16


from £16-£35

Optional Buffet

per person

from £10


From £10


We accept payment in GB£ pounds only.

REFUND POLICY: You have the right to cancel within 7 days of placing your booking.
If you do cancel within this period, you are entitled to a full refund of any payments already made.

You do this by emailing:    grahame@murder-mystery-nights.co.uk 

Contact us for your murder mystery quote!

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